Best Social Media Automation Tools

If you’re anything like me. You find keeping up with all of your social media tasks to be something of a tedious nightmare. Especially if those tasks are repetitive.

With an ever growing list of not only tasks, but social media platforms themselves it can be difficult to keep up with them all. In most cases social media marketing can be so useful that you can’t really avoid it.

Fortunately other people also felt this way, or at least realised others would feel this way and be willing to pay to fix the problem.

Today there are a great number of social media automation tools out there for all the big platforms.

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Here’s a list of tools I’ve compiled to help you run your Social Media!



This tool makes it incredibly easy to manage all of your social media accounts from a single dashboard. You’ll have the ability to post to multiple Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram accounts, at once, and you can even schedule these to help automate your social media posting. Hootsuite also comes with real-time analytics meaning you can keep track of your contents performance.


Missingletter is similar to Hootsuite in that it lets you schedule your social media posts. The difference here is that it can be used to schedule entire campaigns! A must have for any social media marketers.



Later once again, is a scheduling tool though this time specifically for planning your visual content (pictures, videos) and scheduling uploads to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc.


AgoraPulse is a social media management tool that can help you automate the majority of your social media activity across all of the major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube)

You can customize and schedule your posts across all of your accounts, keep track of topics, measure relevant KPIs as well as manage your messages.

Having them all managed from one place rather than a separate platform for each is great and can save a lot of time and hassle. Having to manage a separate software for each social media accounts just creates its own problem. Though a much smaller one than if you didn’t automate them.

Social Oomph.

Social Oomps feature list.

As you can see. It can do a lot.

One of the great things about Social Oomph is its Queue reservoir. This enables you to promote your older content. As your social media fanbase or blog grows, there will be a lot of newer readers who haven’t seen your older posts, and some who may have been around and just missed it. This is particularly useful in the case of evergreen content. Evergreen content essentially never goes out of date (at least not for many years) and stays useful/relevant.

One nice feature is that you can have different variations of the same tweet. You don’t want to have the exact same tweet sent multiple times, even if the attached content is the same blog post.

Dlvr It.

Another tool that allows you to promote your newly published blog posts across all of your social media platforms at once. Save yourself some valuable time and prevent your self the tedious task of having to update them all individually. Dlvr it lets you automate this and post to all of them together. You just select the source, and the destination and when you publish new content. It automatically gets posted across your social media accounts as well. Dlvr it also uses its own url shortener meaning it can track how many people click which links and give you some valuable insight into your social media accounts performance.


A great automation tool which rather than letting you schedule posts. You can set up trigger events which then correspond to an action. For example you publish a new blog post. and IFTTT automatically sends out a tweet promoting it. IFTTT refers to these automated tasks as “applets” and it has over 4,000 of them. Each applet contains information about what IFTTT is actually monitor and then the action resulting from it. If the task you need isn’t included in the four thousand already available, then you can create your own.

In a very similar vein you also have.


Zapier does pretty much the same thing as IFTTT. Only instead of applets you have Zaps. A Zap in this case is an individual automated task such as watching your blog for when you make a new post or monitoring your YouTube channel. When a new one is uploaded, Zapier will trigger an automated response such as a tweet or a Facebook post. It doesn’t have the same number of automated tasks as IFTTT. But it still has an extensive range of Zaps and you can even create your own.


Buffer is another tool that saves you the hassle of using a different tool for each platform and groups them all together in one place. It allows you to easily queue your posts across multiple platforms.

Buffer is known for its great analytical tools. Meaning you can easily keep track of how well your social media strategies are working. Not only can you keep track of how well they’re doing, it can also help you improve them by suggesting the best time to make your posts.

It has several packages available depending on your needs as a user and it is updated regularly.



CoSchedule is a great tool for markets. It allows you to schedule posts across multiple media platforms under one roof. You can schedule over 60 posts at once from its UI. It also has analytical software to help you figure out which content worked best and then schedule it to be posted again later. This one is also compatible with WordPress and also has staff management features.


Social Pilot lets you bring all of your social media accounts under one roof and even lets your entire team collaborate on campaigns together. It supports upto 200 social media accounts and can share 500 posts. Social Pilot lets you easily manage your social media calendars and enables you to bulk upload your content.


Crowdfire is currently one of the most advanced tools when it comes to social media management. Originally it managed Twitter and Instagram followers, it now supports Facebook Pages as well as groups, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress, Etsy, Shopify and more. Basically all of the major social media platforms.

Whether you’re using it to manage personal content or a brand Crowdfire will be able to help you increase your presence.

Crowdfire has a tool which will find the best content for you to share with your audience, not only that, but it will also tell you the best time to post your content as well as automatically post it across multiple platforms.

Another nice feature Crowdfire has is the ability to find inactive Twitter users so that you can unfollow them.


SocialAlert helps you cut through the insane amount of noise on social media these days, whether its just monitoring your brand, keyword analysis or keeping up with the right #hashtags. Well, SocialAlert helps with this, it makes listening to social media a lot less tedious and quite effortless.

It has a whole host of features like enabling you to easily track hashtags and keywords in real time, if a key word is mentioned SocialAlert will let you know. This makes it much easier to collect content and monitor brands. It’ll help you keep track of the effective reach of your content as well as the impressions and you can even filter these results based on the time, location and more.

Through keyword and hashtag tracking you can easily find industry relevant influencers and keep track of their content.


BuzzSumo is another tool that can help you keep track on trending topics relevant to you as well as helping you find viral content to match. It helps to know what is currently trending in your industry or domain and BuzzSumo makes it nice and easy, just give it the relevant keywords and it’ll automate the search for you.

BuzzSumo can track your reach across multiple platforms (FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest etc) and help you filter the results based on their location, platform, domain etc.

Besides keeping track of your own content as well as other user-generated content, you can also find influencers to build relationships with.


Pocket, is a chrome extension and is much like Pinterest but for content generally. See a piece of content you like? Just put it in your Pocket for later. The app has several million users as well as a few billion posts saved so far. You can access content you save from anywhere at anytime.

Pocket is a free app that is integrated with over 1500 platforms meaning no matter where you find the content you can save it. Pocket also has an iOS and Android app so you can access your content from multiple devices.


Sprout Social

SproutSocial Helps you to automate all of your social media content posting with an extensive toolkit and a lot of amazing features. SproutSocial can help you automate and keep up with your customer support and engaging with your audience as well as posting new content. Though it doesn’t support as many platforms as some previously mentioned it has distinct tool and features that set it apart from its competitors.

Like some of the others mentioned it can help you to track trends and keywords as well as find influencers in your sphere that you can build relationships with and help to expand your reach. It even provides you with the analytical tools to calculate your reach and see what is most effective.

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