Lucrative, but more importantly, Evergreen Affiliate Niches.

This article contains affiliate links

Like with anything, there are a variety of ways to do affiliate marketing, and even more affiliate programs to promote. Though many are viable, some are a complete waste of your time.

So it helps to know in advance whether the niche is profitable and sustainable before you go and throw your time and or money at it.

Choosing a niche and its related affiliate programs is probably one of the more difficult parts. Its a stage I imagine a lot of people give up at, due simply to the sheer amount of options.

No one affiliate program is going to make you more money than the rest, even high ticket programs, You may get a big payout once or twice a month, but it may be more profitable to market a lower ticket item that you can sell ten or twenty times the amount of (Not to say you shouldn’t go for those high ticket offers as well).

Choosing the right niche can be a nightmare, so we’re going to go other some of the most lucrative niches that will last.


Who doesn’t love strawberries?

Health is an evergreen topic, as there are always people who want to be fitter, be healthier and live better.

The global wellness market is worth over $3,700,000,000,000. Yes, Three point seven, Trillion. This industry is full of affiliate niches, such as:

Diet Trends.

People are always jumping on the bandwagon with whatever the trendy new diet is if it can help them get their fitness back in check and I doubt fad diets are going to disappear any time soon.

And people aren’t just dieting to lose weight anymore. People are dieting simply to live healthier. The marketing in the industry has shifted its focus to long-term, sustainable diets that let people live healthier long term, rather than just “Lose 50 pounds in 6 months”.

Health and Wellness is such an enormous industry that its filled with subniches. Whether its Mediterranean, Keto, Paleo or the carnivore diet. There are even exclusionary diets for allergy reasons, such as for gluten and lactose intolerance.

Weight Loss.

Europe has an average of 23.3% of it’s residents being considered obese. So this isn’t just a problem in the US. SO as you can imagine, this is a huge industry, excuse the pun. So, there are a lot of people that could benefit from losing weight, meaning the industry is only going to grow, ironically.


is an incredibly unique take on the weight loss program. It rewards its participants with cash for reaching their goals and keeps them interested and motivated by using different games on the site. As an affiliate, you can create your own games within their program, if people like your game, you get to take 5% – 10% of the total winnings.

Weight Watchers.

probably one of the most iconic names in the weight loss industry also has an affiliate program, and with brand recognition like theirs you’re already ahead.

This is a tried and true diet that pretty much everybody has heard of so you have not only brand recognition but credibility on your side as well. Weight Watchers offer $10 for everyone that signs up through your link.


With the number of people suffering from Type 2 diabetes set to double by 2025, it’s likely that you know somebody afflicted by it. With such an enormous growth, the market is looking to grow along with it and is expected to reach around $60 billion.

There are a lot of affiliate programs that offer products, recipes or specific foods that will help sufferers to live healthier lives and decrease the impact it has.

Alternative Health.

Personally, I’m not for “Alternative Health” or “Alternative Medicine” as its more commonly called, I guess they decided to rebrand. But despite my personal feelings on the subject, it is an enormous industry that is still growing. Whether its essential oils, supplements or acupuncture there are plenty of programs out there within this subniche.


Obviously, people want to make more money.

Wealth and Money is an incredible niche for affiliates as it is full evergreen programs, meaning they don’t just work now, they’ll work ten years from now. This is a rapidly growing industry particularly on youtube I’ve noticed as of late. Particularly in…


My own Niche. More people are becoming entrepreneurs than ever before meaning there are more businesses competing than ever and with the internet new industries are even being created. This is an increasingly lucrative and rapidly growing niche. Products range from courses, programs and groups to physical products as well as software to help get businesses up and running or to smooth their operation.


Is a great place to start in this niche, as almost any business will need it, or a similar program, many of which also have affiliate programs. AWeber is a big name in email marketing.

For each sign-up you send to AWeber you’ll earn a 30% commission. Not just on the initial sale but you’ll get recurring commissions each time they make a payment.


Web hosting, much like email marketing is one of the essentials when it comes to making money online.

One of the most well known names in the industry with a great commission rate of 65$ per sign up, this is one of the best affiliate programs to promote in the “Making Money Online Niche”.

I myself am a BlueHost affiliate, if you want to sign up for my link click here, it doesn’t cost you anything. My site may not be hosted there, yet (Not this one at least) But I will be migrating there shortly, depending on when you read this I may have already moved, in which case, you wont be reading it.


SiteGround is another big player in the web hosting space and as WebHosting is in most cases, the very first thing you need in Internet marketing, SiteGrounds low prices and great plans are a good place to start. SiteGround has been around a while so is a well known and well respected name in WebHosting.


Forex is the largest financial market in the world with an average daily trading volume exceeding $5 trillion.

Forex is already well known, being the largest market in the world, how could it not be? With a name that large and well respected you’ve already got an advantage and on top of this, they tend to be high ticket programs that are also available internationally.


Wonder what he’s going to draw

People often spend a huge amount of money on the things they enjoy doing so it should come as no surprise that there are quite a few affiliate programs related to different hobbies.

Camping and Survival.

If you know anyone that likes to camp you know how expensive it can be and if you’ve ever seen the show preppers, well, you know how much some people can spend on prepping. So it shouldn’t be any surprise that this niche is a multi-billion dollar industry. With products such as survival knives, tents, pre-packaged food, water filtration systems, shelters, educational resources and any other camping equipment you can think of there is a wide range of products to promote here. One of the well known programs in this niche,


has some commission rates of 75%. On top of this you get support from a dedicated management team and they’ll even give you their e-mail copy you can use to promote their products.

Emergency Essentials.

AS you can probably guess from the name, they provide the essential kit survivalist would need in an emergency, natural disasters, fires etc. Products ranging from MREs (Meal ready-to-eat) survival foods, water, gear there’s plenty here for you to promote. As these are physical products the commissions tend to be lower. 10% in this case. However some of their kits sell for $100 – $250.


Who doesn’t love to travel? Well, quite a lot of people, but most people like to travel, and some love it! According to World Travel and Tourism Counsel, in 2016 the travel industry generated an estimate $7 trillion dollars globally and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon. There are many subniches within travel, both high end luxury as well as on a budget, there is a wide array of opportunities to promote here. Not only are there a large number of things to promote, it’s also filled with big names such as Trip Advisor meaning you can promote brands people are already aware of.


Of course this is an Evergreen niche, it’s part of being human. Whether its online dating or counselling, there is a huge industry here.

Online Dating.

Online Dating is no longer seen as “weird” like it was say 15 years ago. This industry has, for a while now been dominated by the younger generations, though it’s filled with people of all ages. Over 15% of Americans have used online dating and over 17% of marriages are a result of online dating. with a growth of around 5% annualy online dating is looking to generate some serious revenue with an estimated billion in 2016. IAC, a company that owns several of the larger online dating platforms made an estimated 1.72 billion alone in 2018.

Senior Dating.

Like I said, not just for young people. Many seniors are getting into the online dating game now and the number of 55-64 year olds involved is growing.

Marriage Counseling.

Many marriages today, aren’t doing so well, which means there are a lot of people asking how to fix their marriages, unfortunately. However, this also means there are a lot of people out there providing answers.

Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel.

A great program in the niche with a number of products from teleseminars to private sessions. Featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post and more.

Commissions range from around $10 – $200 per sale and has a year long sticky cooky, so anything they buy within a year of clicking on your link you can make a commission on.


One of the biggest names in online dating and probably the most well known. eHarmony has over 44 million registered users and millions of active users regularly. As with other big brand names, you already have credibility on your side which can definitely make getting sales easier.

From eHarmony’s affiliate page:

By signing up to the eHarmony UK programme, you can earn commissions on completed registration questionnaires and 1, 3 and 6, 12 and 24 month subscriptions*. Earn up to £70!


Whether you’re already living a life of luxury or you want it. You can make it for yourself by selling it to others! It should come as no surprise that in a niche literally named luxury, centred around selling expensive products, that there are a lot of high-ticket offers here where affiliates can make some serious money.

Luxury Watches.

The luxury watch industry is on the rise again.

Of course, these are physical products, as this niche almost exclusively is, you aren’t going to be finding 75% commission rates here. What you will find, however, is average prices for a brand like Rolex clocking in at around $9,100. If you’re not in to watches yourself, Rolex is probably one of the few big names you know. Interestingly, Rolex are actually pretty “cheap” when compared to a couple of their competitors. Patek Philippe has an average watch prices of $46,000 followed closely by Audemars Piguet at $40,000


Beauty already being an enormous industry as a whole, as you’d expect, it has its own high-end luxury beauty niche. Containing everything from hair products, tools, creams. Anything you’d find in the normal beauty industry, which can already have a fairly high price tag, just add another zero. Or two. The market isn’t growing as quickly as some others, however it has seen consistent steady growth globally. Huge numbers of products, many of them selling for well into the thousands of dollars. There are some nice commissions to be made here.

James Allen.

When it comes to luxury jewellery, James Allen is the place to go, especially if you’re an affiliate. Specializing in engagement rings, James Allen has the industries highest conversion rate with a 5% commission.

5% doesn’t sound like much but when you take in to account the fact that the average sale prices of James Allen is $6,500 then you can see how it can quickly add up. According to James Allen themselves, on average affiliates with make almost $300 per sale.


A luxury watch and jewellery retailer that also sell other high-end accessories. Ashford are one of the oldest online high-end retailers. Their affiliate program is run through CJ and offers a 6% commission with a 45 day cookie, so anything bought within 45 days of using your link you’ll get a commission for. Ashford has an average order size of $650 and provides you with many customized resources to help you get those affiliate commissions.

You’ll make around $40 per referral which is pretty high when it comes to physical products.


Many of amazons niches only offer around 5% commissions, some even less. But some offer as high as 10%. One of them, being beauty Meaning any product sold within that niche will earn you a 10% commission. Amazons cookie lasts for 24 hours and doesn’t only apply to your niche. Meaning anything they buy on the site within 24 hours of clicking your link, you’ll earn from.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the lucrative niches available but it should give you an idea of the potential out there and a few places for you to start.

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